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Wholesale 2.4 GHz E-Glider 2.0

SKU 909334
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The sky is your Playground!

The new 2.4GHz E-Glider 2.0 is super fun and easy to fly! Soar through the sky with 100m range and 10-12 min flight time per charge. A durable foam plane is able to withstand impacts. You are the pilot now!

Specifications & Features

  • Simple to fly and stable
  • Up to 100m range
  • Durable EPP foam built to withstand impacts
  • Flight time: 10-12 min; charge time about 25 min
  • Rechargeable, swappable battery
  • 27cm

Important Notice

Carefully review and follow the laws/regulations when flying a UAV: USA Unmanned Aircraft Systems