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Wholesale Makeup Brush Organizer Displayer of 12

SKU 544588
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The Makeup Brush Organizer makes it easy to organize, tidy and simplify your cosmetic routine and features a flexible and adaptable rubber insert secured by a durable exterior.

Product Features:

  • Organize your cosmetic brushes and liners in a sleek and convenient way. Clever, flexible design allows the holder to adapt to multiple sizes and shapes.
  • Ideal for storing brushes, eyeliners, lip liners and other cosmetics in a tidy and organized fashion.
  • Reduces clutter and puts an end to searching through messy drawers.
  • Removable rubber insert can be washed and allow for cleaning of the casing.
  • To use: Simply place brushes or cosmetics inside the rubber compartment.
  • To clean: Simply remove the black rubber insert from the white plastic casing. Rinse with lukewarm water, using a soft cloth or sponge to remove any makeup residue. Air dry the rubber insert before placing back in inside plastic casing.