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Wholesale World Love Instant Heat Pack Displayer of 12

by Relaxus
SKU 702718
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The amazing reusable and non-toxic World Love Instant Heat Pack instantly achieves 55ºC /130ºF heat by snapping the metal disk inside the gel pack. The strap in the back allows the heat pack used as a warming massager. The heat lasts for up to 30 minutes. When the pack cools, it solidifies and becomes opaque.  The texture and consistency won’t change until it’s  place in a pot of  hot/boiling water. Once it softens and appears translucent take it out of the hot water and set aside for the next time.

Product Features

  • Instantly achieves 55ºC / 130ºF heat.
  • Heat lasts for up to 30 minutes.
  • Liquid gel contents: 90% sodium acetate, 10% water / Outer cover: PVC.

  • Also a massage tool!

    1. Apply a small amount of massage lotion on the front of the gel pack.
    2. Slip hand through the strap on the back of the pack.
    3. Apply to desired area and massage in a circular motion.